Jasper’s Oils: Lavender, Bergamot, Carrot Seed

Jasper is currently being offered 3 oils twice a day, which were recommended after his last kinesiology test. So I thought I’d do a bit of research to find out a bit more about them & what they are useful for & share this with you.

Firsly he is offered Lavender (lavandula officinalis/angustifolia) I knew of this for its calming, relaxing & soothing properties in people, often being given to relieve stress & aid restful sleep. It seems it has even more uses though.
It was used in Greek & Roman times to disinfect wounds, sick rooms & hospitals, lavere in the latin literally means “to wash” meaning to cleanse & disinfect.
It has strong analgesic & sedative properties, it offers comfort & calm, being both gentle & at the same time deeply relaxing.
It is very useful for wounds not only being disinfecting but also stimulates the regeneration of skin tissues & helps prevent proud flesh & scar tissue. It can be applied undiluted or in aloe vera gel, direct to wounds. It helps to ease the heat out of almost any inflammatory conditions, a friend told me she uses it on sunburn, or minor kitchen burns & it works a treat.
Caroline Ingraham also recommends it as an insect repellent & a great treatment for soothing irritating insect bites, she also notes it’s antispasmodic properties coupled with its relaxing effect which make it a useful remedy for tired, aching or sore muscles.
It seems to be the ultimate essential oil in many respects & I think I will be sure to keep a bottle in all my first aid kits, both at home & at the stables in future.
The next oil is Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) which is fantastic for treating a range of skin complaints & has been shown to be particularly helpful for horses with sarcoids & tumours, it aids in healing wounds & reducing scar tissue, whilst being supportive to the immune system.
At one time it was used extensively in france due to its anti-bacterial properties to combat infectious airbourne bacteria. It is therefore useful to stop the spread of disease around both the stables & your home, being particular useful whilst travelling your horses.
It is an uplifting oil, that aids in dispersing repressed emotion, thus relieving depression & despondency & is useful in times of anxiety (nerves before a competition).
Caution should be taken as Bergamot is photo-reactive so you should avoid  applying in strong sunlight or before exposure to strong sunlight, particularly in grey horses where it may even stain the coat.

Lastly I offer Jasper Carrot Seed, wild (Daucus carota), this oil is fantastic for all round well-being. It helps regenerate skin following skin disease or wounds, it has a mild antiseptic action to help with minor wounds, Caroline Ingraham also recommends its use in wounds that have been slow to heal, although she states in these cases it is usually most effective in topically application when combined with lavender.

It is well known for assisting where liver function is impaired, it stimulates regeneration of liver cells which aids in detoxifying the blood. It is useful in improving coat & hoof condition & is also a calming oil.

Well I certainly know a bit more about what I am offering Jasper now & have also discovered that both Lavender & bergamot may well be just as useful for me as they are for Jasper, so I think I will ensure I have bottles of both these essential oils in my own first aid kit.

I hope you found this useful, for more information on essential oils & there uses with animals I would highly recommend Caroline Ingraham’s books, or alternatively find a qualified practitioner in your area, who can guide you with dosages & various oils more accurately tailored to your needs.

A vet should always be your first contact point should you suspect anything to be wrong with your animals & any reputable practitioner should seek your vet’s permission before visiting or treating your animal.

Until next time

With Love

Fiona & Jasper


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