Jasper gets his own magnetic rug!!

Jasper's new rug

Jasper's new rug

I finally took the plunge yesterday & ordered Jasper his very own Magnetic rug, we have now been using the one Dena kindly leant use for the last month & together with the herbs have seen such dramatic results. I felt it was worth the investment to get Jasper his own so we could continue to loose sarcoids & generally improve his own wellbeing. He seems to thrive off it, even though I don’t fully understand the concept, Dena did a little experiment with me on Sunday to give me some idea of what Jasper feels.

Dena had me stand with my arms out straight in front of me with one fist clenched & my other hand clenched tightly over the other fist, she then asked me to try & resist her & push her hand down as she used her hands to push in an upwards motion against the underside of my 2 clenched hands… Sounds easy, go & try it with someone & you’ll be amazed at just how easily they can lift your arms & how quickly you get off balance & would fall over if they kept pushing. Dena then took some magnetic insoles from her boots, she placed them on the ground and had me stand on them for a couple of minutes before we repeated the same experiment as I just described, only this time instead of being tipped backwards I was actually able to resist her & exert my own pressure downwards. I believe this is in essence what the magnets do, they help to ground you. When the bank balance recovers I might invest in something for myself…

The rug I bought is Nikken’s Horse Blanket made of a breathable, high-strength polyester that is suitable for year-round use. It is available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. It has strategically-placed magnets sewn into the blanket over the shoulders, spine and hindquarters to relax and soothe your horse both before and after riding. I use it under another rug out in the field as it is currently summer & Jasper is turned out 24hours a day. However in winter he will have it as an under rug while he is stabled overnight.

As I don’t know very much & my experience is limited I thought I’d share with you what Dena says about magnetic therapy:

“I have been incorporating these natural non-invasive technologies within my animal clinic for several years now with outstanding results. Animals seem intuitively drawn to these gentle energies.  Stressed and anxious animals become calm, arthritic and stiff animals demonstrate improved flexibility and mobility. I have seen an impressive rate of recovery after serious illness and injury and feel confident that magnetics and far infrared play a valuable role in holistic health.

What are the benefits of Magnetic therapy?

Magnetic Therapy is a natural energy that boosts health and wellbeing.  Magnetic therapy increases blood flow, boosting the flow of oxygen, delivering nutrients, aiding the removal of toxins and therefore reducing pain, inflammation and improving body function at cellular level.”

I know Dena has used these successfully with other horses with sarcoids & we seem to be having our own success, has anyone else out there tried magnetics to treat sarcoids. It would be interesting to hear your experiences.


Fiona & Jasper in his smart new rug

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