Rosehips- Jasper’s Favourite and a great spring tonic

I thought I’d give you some more info on some of the herbs I offer to Jasper for his self selection, one of his favourites is Rosehip.

By allowing him to self select his treatment rather then just adding a supplement to his feed he is able to control the frequency & amount he takes, which is important because if forced onto a horse when not needed some supplements can have adverse reactions, acting more like a poison then a remedy, so be careful in your own administration & where ever possible consult with a qualified herbalist and your vet.
2009-11-27_1146Rosehips from Rosa canina, the Dog rose, the Wild Briar or Briar Rose (Fructus cynosbati) are the fruits from a species of wild rose found throughout the UK, Europe, parts of Asia, US & Africa, often in old hedgerows. The fruits (hips) are picked when ripe in the autumn months and then gently dried.
Rosehips can be fed whole, or crushed to make them easier for the horse to digest (Jasper likes his whole, for some reason he wouldn’t touch the powdered stuff).
Traditionally, rosehips have been used as a conditioning spring tonic ( particularly when coupled with herbs such as nettle leaf and can be fed to support health during times of fatigue.) as they provide a rich source of vitamins A, C and K, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, tannin, pectin, carotene, fatty oil and flavonoids.
The herb acts as a
nutritive, According to Page-Self, rosehips provide a readily available source of vitamin C, so can help support the immune system both during and after periods of illness.
mild laxative, they can be useful to aid digestion.
As a mild diuretic, they can be helpful to support kidney and bladder health.
As a mild astringent, they can be helpful for loose droppings.
As they are high in (bio)flavonoids, they can help with oxidative stress which is present in any living tissue, but higher during periods of illness. These ingredients have also been used to help support healthy hoof growth.
There has been some interesting research in humans using Rosehips for osteoarthritis. A number of clinical studies were undertaken involving humans with osteoarthritis. They were given a product that contains an extract from rosehips. This research was reviewed in 2007 and the conclusion was “rosehip powder had a moderate effect in patients with osteoarthritis”. There was a reduction in taking “rescue medication” after taking the rosehip extract product for over three months.

Until next time

Love Fiona & Jasper
P.S. More success with the sarcoids, the big one on Jasper’s front leg lost another big chunk & is now just got a small nodule remaining… So amazing to watch them changing!!

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