Shiatsu Session update


Jasper had a great Shiatsu session on Monday with Louise Ledwith.
She has been hugely impressed with the improvements to his sarcoids & also thought he was just generally looking healthier, his coat brighter & shinier.
Previously he had wanted a lot of work on his liver meridian, but in this visit he wanted attention on the gall bladder meridian instead, Louise tells me that these two meridians are paired & whilst the Liver (Yin meridian) relates to deep seated, or long-standing problems, the Gall-bladder (Yang meridian) is for less deep-seated issues, so this change in Jasper from requiring Yin to now Yang is very positive.
She had also previously been working to rebalance the lung meridian, which relates to both skin & immune system, however this time it was really strong & meant she was able to work on the triple heater meridian, which relates to the body’s 2nd level of defences.
All in all, positive changes continue as everything seems to be coming together to get him & his body back were they need to be.
She felt that the herbs he is selecting, in particular the barley grass which is a traditional liver cleanser in chinese medicine were all helping to strengthen his system & put back in balance those meridians that were out of balance.
The last interesting point she ementioned was that for the first time he had really allowed her to work with his Heart Protector meridian, which is linked to emotions & trust, afterwards Jasper had a completely blissed out & relaxed look, as is he had been smoking something he shouldn’t!!
I so glad that we have Louise working with us, as it gives an extra insight into what we are doing & gives us a more accurate picture of when things are moving in the right direction, before we necessarily see visible results on the outside.
Jasper has his next visit in 6 weeks so hopefully there will be more good news by then.
Until next time
With Love
Fiona & Jasper



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