Sarcoid 11 bites the dust!!

Well Sunday evening (28th June) we had another huge celebration with Jasper, parsnips for him and a bottle of wine for us…

A sarcoid that had been growing between his hind legs on his right hind finally dropped off. It had began to grow more aggressively in the last week & then on the friday evening when i was doing his herbs & my daily check & poke of his sarcoids I noticed that this one had about a 1/4 coming away from the root. I made sure to put our special mix of oils – yarrow, german chamomile, lavender & immortelle (or helichrysum) onto the sarcoid & the area which was separating from the root. The oils help to reduce inflammation, sooth & reduce risk of any infection, something I always worry about.

By Sunday morning the sarcoid had separated even more from the root & was bleeding quite a lot, so we decided to keep Jasper in for the afternoon so he was moving around a little less & the flies wouldn’t bother him. It also meant we could put his magnetic rug on which we hadn’t been able to use for a few days as the weather had been humid & stormy & Jasper tends to wear his rug out in the field but to protect it he has another rug over the top either a cooler or a lightweight turnout, but with the humid weather he was just getting to hot & the last thing I want is to make him uncomfortable.

On Sunday he had his normal selection, barley grass, dandelion leaf, alfalfa, rose hip & burdock root, but he also had a big handful & 1/2 of yarrow, something that he had been taking regularly but hadn’t wanted for the last 10 days.

In the evening when we came to turn him out the sarcoid was still hanging on by the tiniest thread, but joy of joys when he got to the field & turned around in the gateway the whole lump (about the size of a ping-pong ball) just dropped off, and didn’t really bleed when it did.

I’m really getting excited now, 2 months in & already 11 lumps of sarcoid gone…

Have we finally found something thats going to work, great thing is Jasper’s body is doing it all itself. Unlike the times with veterinary medicine when bits were removed and we seemed to make the sarcoids angry, where he has lost bits the skin left behind seems healthy & free from any infection…

Watch this space… I know I am


Fiona & a Jasper minus another sarcoid!!

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