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Mig’s has been using Simple Systems Ltd Feeds, a forage based feed system, for all our horses for over 3 years now. When she first moved over to it, there was not much knowledge of this style of feeding in the main stream, but it is interesting to see that in the last year particularly with the economic problems in the UK, Forage based feeding has grown in popularity.

The system offers a completely natural approach to feeding your horses, it is free from preservatives, additives, molasses, pulses and cereals. It is designed to be sympathetic to the way horses digestive systems evolved & what they are really designed to eat, mainly fibre diets, low in soluble carbohydrate. Simple System Ltd has proved that by using a variety of fibre sources in conjunction with oil-bearing seeds, we can feed our horses without the use of cereals, supplements and molassed feeds. It really is a way of taking a holistic approach to feeding your horses, working in sympathy with the horse rather then against it, allowing you to feed your horses as closely as possible to the way nature intended. It is the only horse feed company to have its entire range registered with the vegan society.

Having said all that it is also just a fantastic feed, being suitable for horses in any form of work. We use it for our hairy little pony, who puts on weight just looking at grass, (meta slim & lucie stalks for him!!), to our veteran ex-racing thoroughbreds, who struggle to maintain condition through the winter, it has made a huge difference being able to supply them with the energy they need without them becoming to much of a handful to ride.

A friend I know has also been using it with great success with his string of polo ponies for the last couple of months. He was struggling to get the results from a cereal based diet & costs where beginning to mount up whilst trying to maintain the ponies at the peak of fitness for the season. Mig’s suggested he tried simple systems & not only has he saved money (reduced his bill by about a 1/3) but he’s also seen improvements in all the ponies. His best mare who was always very hot headed & at times just thoroughly over the top, is more settled to work & play & his slightly older mare has more energy & although not the fastest is able to maintain stamina much more consistantly.

The system is based on green forages in the form of grass & lucern (known as Alfalfa in the states), using whole grain linseed, seaweed & yeast based supplements as required, along with unmolassed sugar beet for additional fibre if needed.

It really has so many benefits, I couldn’t imagine going back to a non forage based system now. I really recommend Simple System Ltd, their website is very informative but they also have a great team who will happily help you put together a suitable diet for your horses specific needs, what ever his type or work load.

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With Love

Fiona & Jasper

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