Hooves Almost As Good As New

Back in June they looked pretty bad

Back in June they looked pretty bad

Jasper had his farrier Peter on Friday and for the first time in a while I actually took a good look at his hooves and compared them with pictures taken just 3 months ago. I was absolutely stunned, the improvement is nothing short of amazing.

For years now Jasper’s front hooves have each had 2 large cracks running from the coronet band to the ground, the crack being 3-5mm wide at its worst point in the hoof wall. Somehow they have never caused lameness or shoeing problems, although they were always a bit of a worry that they would one day cause problems.

I was therefore amazed on friday that after being consistent for many years they have suddenly changed so dramatically. The large wide crack is now confined to the bottom 1/3 of the hoof, with healthy hoof above and although a small hairline crack extends upwards from the remaining wide crack it no longer reaches the coronet band.

I think what is so great is that we weren’t treating this directly, it is evidently a positive side effect to the fact that Jasper’s current sarcoid treatment is holistic (meaning we are treating him as a whole not just individual symptoms but attempting to achieve a balance between physical, mental, emotional & even spiritual elements of the body). So not only is the treatment helping to improve his sarcoids but we’re also seeing improvements in his hooves, his coat & his general condition, not bad for a 19 year old thoroughbred.

I can’t say exactly whether it is the Shiatsu, magnetic rug, or indeed the herbs, several of which are supposed to aid hoof growth – Rosehip and Cleavers in particular. I recently read in Mary L. Brennan’s book “Complete Holistic Care and Healing for Horses, the owners veterinary guide to alternate methods and remedies” that small peppercorn sized magnets can be glued to the top of the hoof in line with acupunture meridians and these have proved effective in increasing hoof growth and aiding circulation to the hooves, so maybe Jasper’s magnetic rug is working on this level a bit as well. It could easily be a combination of all the treatments that is leading to such dramatic quick results.

Just 2 1/2 months later, huge improvements already

Just 2 1/2 months later, huge improvements already

Any way I thought I’d include the picture of before and after as it were & let you make up your own mind. All I know is that Jasper’s farrier was so impressed he was keen to hear what I had been doing that had made such a difference. If any of you have used magnets or herbs with any success on your horses hooves it would be great to hear your experiences.

With Love

Fiona & Jasper

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