Topical applications for Jasper’s sarcoids


Jasper’s sarcoids are often weeping & bloody so they are treated topically in addition to his self-selecting herbs, magnetic rug & regular shiatsu sessions.
Using Kinesiology Dena recommended the use of yarrow oil(achillea millefolium), diluted in spring water at a concentration of 20 drops to 100ml & then this mixture could be sprayed (using a mister) directly onto the sarcoids as often as needed.
The Yarrow oil needs to be of a strong ink-blue colour with a sweet aroma , as it is this strong coloured oil that has the strongest anti-infammatory properties. Although Yarrow is not actually anti-bacterial in its own right, it does however seem to offer some protection to wounds by creating conditions unsuitable for bacteria to thrive.
For Jasper I also use dry powdered green clay (applied using an old style wound powder puffer). The green clay has a drying effect on the sarcoids, whilst also being detoxifying.
Lastly as an extra boost Jasper is offered a blend of essential oils if the sarcoids are particularly inflamed or agitated. This includes the following oils:
Lavender (lavandula angustifolia) for its soothing, analgesic & anti-oxidant properties
Yarrow, as described for the daily mix above.
German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita), anti-inflammatory & boasted immune response.
Immortelle (Helichrysum angustifolium) anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, stimulates spleen,liver,gall bladder & kidneys to cleanse the body.
Lavender, German Chamomile & Immortelle are also important in helping to treat proud flesh & scar tissue when applied topically.
If Jasper selects the oils they are applied topically, if he moves away at any point, then no more is applied.
I have learnt to use him & his reactions as my guide, he is far more aware of what he & his body need then I am & he is very willing to communicate this now he has someone prepared to listen. This really is the key to self-selecting his treatment, the quantities & balance are far more likely to be accurate & obtain results then by simply adding a generic supplement dosage  to your horses feed.
I hope you find the above interesting to find out more about essential oils & there uses with animals I highly recommend Caroline Ingraham’s books.
If your horse is wounded it is important that you please seek veterinary assistance in the first instance, as time can be very important. My vet is fully aware of Jasper’s condition & has visited him regularly, we seek her approval before each new treatment & in our case had exhausted the veterinary options available which had all unfortunately been unsuccessful.
Until next time
With Love
Fiona & Jasper
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