Fenugreek, a useful conditioning herb

Fenugreek, (Trigonella foenum-graecum)

I recently started offering Jasper Fenugreek seed & he has tried it a couple of times, he seems to quite enjoy the smell as well. It has a very potent aroma, which if you smell it you will probably recognise as it is also used as a culinary herb to flavour curries.

It is particularly useful when combined with garlic & you may come across many blends for horses that combine these two useful & popular herbs.

Fenugreek is a useful herb if you are trying to add general condition to your horse, perhaps after rest or illness or for some of our horses at the yard just because they are a bit older. It is also useful to help tempt horses that are off their feed, as it helps to stimulate appetite & has a pleasant smell.

The seeds are the most nutritional part of the plant, containing vitamins A,B,C & E & offering 20% protein & 8% Oil content. Although a note of caution from a healthy horse the natural way which says the seeds will swell slightly when they become moist. Hilary Page Self’s A Modern Horse Herbal also notes, it is also best to avoid feeding to mares who are pregnant or have hormonal imbalances as it has a high oestrogen content, which can cause problems in these cases.

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