Saddle Fitting in 9 Steps – Step 8 – Saddle Tree Angle – by Schleese Saddlery Service

Schleese Saddlery have a great you tube channel with lots of very informative videos that can helped with accessing saddle fit of any saddle not just one of there’s

There are nine videos in this series. This is the 8th and addresses the issue of saddle tree angle.

The full series includes:

  1. Balance
  2. Wither Clearance
  3. Gullet Channel Width
  4. Full Panel Contact
  5. Billet Alignment
  6. Saddle Length
  7. Saddle Straightness
  8. Saddle Tree Angle
  9. Saddle Tree Width.

I don’t own or ride in a schleese saddle but if you would like to find out more this is their website:

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