Event : Jane Bury, Friarshawmuir Horsemanship 4th October 2014, Scottish Borders.

I would like to recommend the following event to everyone, it is run by a very good friend of mine, Jane Bury, who offers a very unique approach to horsemanship. She combines her background and love of classical dressage with her passion for producing horses using horsemanship methods, this combined with her day job of coaching people and corporations to achieve the “impossible” gives you a guarantee that both you and your horse will benefit from her insights. I’ve spent a lot of time with Jane & believe she aligns perfectly with my own philosophy that true horsemanship is as much if not more so about us “the horseman” as it is about training our horses and the task. So get yourself along to the open day and find out more, you wouldn’t regret it!! The food will be fab too as it is being provided by the talented Delia at the Jammy Coo.

Jane Bury: Friarshawmuir Horsemanship, Scottish Borders.

Jane Bury, Frairshawmuir Horsemanship

Jane Bury, Friarshawmuir Horsemanship

On the 4th of October 2014 Friarshawmuir will be running an open day explaining their philosophy and approach to horsemanship from 10:00hrs until 15:00hrs. The focus is as much on human thinking as horse thinking. We shall give an introduction to the FSM approach to developing you and your horse in ways you never thought possible.

Breaking News!! Steve Leigh from Natures Way Natural Hoof care will be at FSM for our open day on the 4th October. Steve is a diamond mine of knowledge when it comes to hooves, conformation, movement and biomechanics not to mention the soundness challenges that we can all face from time to time with our horses. Steve will be presenting and demonstrating on the FSM herd on the day. Be sure to join us at FSM on the 4th October (10a.m till 3p.m) and bring a friend.

Lunch will be provided to all attendees and unlimited coffee or tea throughout the day. A charge of £25 per person will be made to cover the day. A warm welcome, good humour and an inspiring day awaits you…did I mention cake too! Please email us to book your spot.

If interested please email jane@friarshawmuir.com.  Places are limited so please book.

To learn more about Jane and her philosophy to horsemanship you can read her blog here. http://friarshawmuir.com or visit them on Facebook.

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