Exploring Meridians Series – Part 3 – Small Intestine Meridian

Meridians Series by Caroline Thomas of Hoof and Paw Holistic Therapies.

Part 3 – The Small Intestine Meridian


The Small Intestine Meridian belongs to the ‘Fire’ Element and conjures up thoughts of nourishment.  Food contains essential ‘chi’ energy for your horse.  It is a true saying, that we are what we eat, so a good diet is essential for your horse to be healthy.

When you feed your horse do you truly know what is good for him/her? This seems an obvious question but we can often lack the skills to feed ourselves with a healthy diet, so do we really know what is best for our four legged friends? Horses are turned out into fields all over the UK. If you watch them, they literally seem to munch on grass all day, walking and eating, maybe a few nosey looks to their fellow herd but on the whole there is a whole lot of munching going on. They love to munch on the natural herbs in the hedgerows but still their diet will need to be supplemented with forage.  If you think of your horses’ food supply in terms of ‘chi’ energy it is very important to think about the quality of the food that you give your horse; where it is sourced, how it was harvested, how it was transported, etc.

If everything is ‘energy’ then every thought is ‘energy’ too. That is a very powerful statement, as every person who has had a hand in making the food product for your horse or selling the product will leave an energy ‘tag’. A product made with love and care will have much higher ‘chi’ energy than one made with negative, sad, fed-up input. In honesty you are not going to know who has handled the product but you can have the last energy ‘input’ of feeding your horse with much love in your heart.  Our thoughts and feelings are more influential than we think. A positive loving thought has the most powerful vibration.  Of course on the deepest level, making up your horse feed with love can only be beneficial.  Consider your mood when you feed your horse as your own energy tag, although invisible will at some level affect the quality of the ‘chi’ for your horse. When you fill your heart with love and gratitude, this feeling will keep expanding out from you to your horse.  Don’t ever under estimate the power of your feelings and thoughts. Horses are extremely sensitive and like sponges will pick up on your own issues. I have worked with lots of horses and their owners and have found that they will often ‘mirror’ each other. Both will suffer from the ‘same’ emotional issues. Initially I thought this was a coincidence but as the evidence built I realised that the horses have picked up their owners issues and anxieties. If you bring your own hang ups and issues to the stable yard, your horse is very likely to pick up on them.

The next thing to consider is whether your horse can assimilate the ‘chi’ energy into their body easily.  While what your horse eats is important, what happens to what they eat is also vitally important. A flowing Meridian system is so important for your horse to be healthy.  If the Small Intestine Meridian is blocked which can be caused by emotional issues, setbacks, etc the ‘chi’ will become stagnant and your horse may manifest with the following issues:




Element: FIRE

Lack of confidence, Digestive problems, Knee problems, Poor assimilation of food, Laminitis, Colic

Improves ability to recover from shock


EFT Karate Chop or Small Intestine Point.

EFT Karate Chop or Small Intestine Point.

Using EFT techniques you can un-block the motionless Meridian and allow it again to become the beautiful flowing river.

‘Tap’ on the middle part of the fleshy part of the outside of the hand which is also known as the Karate Chop. It is part of the EFT set up (setting up a statement) but I am using this point specifically to unblock the Small Intestine Meridian.

Remember to connect to your horse on the deepest level be relaxed and let go of any expectation.  See the meditations from my last article.  Tap on Karate Chop Point with the side of your other hand and use a statement such as ‘Even though my horse lacks confidence that’s ok’ Tap on this statement for a few minutes, then stop, feel your feet connected to the earth and then wait to see if any other thoughts come to mind.  If they do, then compose another statement based on what you have learnt.  Just standing in a connected energy with your horse and not forcing any thoughts can offer you great insight into what issues your horse has.

Tap for as long as you feel, it is not about sequences but it is about ‘connection’ at deepest level. Simplicity is key as horses connect easily when things are at their simplest.

How to feel Chi 

Creating The Chi Ball of Energy:

This is by far the simplest exercise you can do to actually feel ‘chi’, to understand the energy that travels not only through your own body but that of your horse too.

Take in a big deep breath and let it out slowly.  Rub the palms of your hands briskly together. Use the same motion that you would use to warm your hands on a icy day.

What can you feel? Feeling tingly or warm is a good sign but also feeling nothing is ok too. Pull your hands gently apart and imagine or feel the ‘Chi Ball of Energy’. You can imagine it as a golden ball filled with love. Take another deep breath and as you let it out let your hands softly drop to your sides.


A huge thank you to Caroline Thomas for this incredible third part covering the Small Intestine Meridian in this wonderful series of articles we will be bringing you over the coming months exploring the meridians in depth.

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Also thanks to her very talented son Michael for the beautiful artwork that compliments the article.

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