Happy Christmas & best wishes for 2010

Well I cannot believe that 2009 is nearly over, what an incredible year.

I have met some absolutely amazing & inspiring people, who have helped me no end with Jasper & our ongoing fight against his Sarcoids.

Louise Ledwith & her Shiatsu, has kept us going through thick & thin, with always a positive word & her generally caring nature. Dena Schwartz got us started with magnetics & herbs and showed us how to use self-selection.

Lavinia Mitchell has been an inspiration when it comes to the importance of fitting a saddle & how this can adversly affect so many aspects of your horses health & wellbeing, & lastly Kate Webber (& Ken Faulkner) have got me started with a whole new approach to horse handling & training.

I’ve leant a lot about taking a more natural & holistic approach to both training & management & care of my horses, but mostly I’ve realised that I have so much to learn & my best teachers have been right under my nose this whole time.

Now that I take the time to listen Jasper  & now Olli have shown & taught me so much. They guide my decisions & mostly I’ve come to realise they have far more they can teach me then I can ever hope to teach them. This realisation has been both humbling & enlightening & I look forward to 2010 and learning more from these two wonderful teachers.

I hope you and your horses have a great Christmas (Olli & Jasper’s present pile is already bigger then mine!!) and I look forward to sharing more with you in 2010.


With Love

Fiona, Jasper & Olli

P.S the picture is of Jasper posing in the snow a couple of days ago…perfect for a christmas card!!

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