Exploring Meridians Series – Part 6 – Heart Protector Meridian

Meridians Series by Caroline Thomas of Hoof and Paw Holistic Therapies.

Part 6 – The Heart Protector Meridian

Heart Protector

The pericardium meridian also known as the ‘heart protector’ conjures up images of a knight in shining armour, coming to the rescue of your horse in distress. It guards the heart from stressful outbursts of emotions such as anger, fear and grief. As a guardian to the heart it has the huge responsibility of protecting your horse’s most important organ. It is a fire ‘element’ meridian which allows your horse to withstand the most stressful emotional situations.

I am always guided to reflect back to the challenging lives that our modern horses live in today. There are so many cases of neglect and abuse of horses on FB and in our newspapers. Horse Rescue centres are bursting at the seams, trying, to accommodate and rehome these horses. With the cost of food bills, vet bills spiralling out of control ultimately ‘someone’ is responsible for these neglected horses. The life span of a horse can reach up to 50 years of age, Remus Horse Sanctuary cared for a horse called Shane who was 53 when he died. Is it not the responsibility of the breeders and us the owners to stand up and be counted? As we can have a detrimental effect on the overall outcome of the foal or horse we sell?  There is definitely no certainty as to where that foal or horse will end up during their life time. Sadly and very unfortunately often being discarded in a field or being sold for horse meat. We can all say that this is definitely not me but unless we own our horse for the whole of their life time, we can never say this with a total open heart and with conviction. Why are horses treated in this way? What makes them different to any other animal that we may own? The bottom line is their ‘value’, they can be bought and sold to make a profit. Some may argue that they don’t make a profit but they still sell their beloved horse. In this instance it is perhaps that they don’t fit the new circumstances: Too small, too big, cannot jump high enough, far enough, too slow, too fast and perhaps the biggest reason is that they are too old. Horses serve their human masters for their life time and when they are too old and too expensive their fate is often sealed. They have bravely carried us into war, played their part in the industrial revolution and been rewarded with nothing. I do think that the stereotype of a horse being bought and sold is having its own revolution, people are waking up to the fact and saying, how can this be right? Deep down they know that horses have emotions and being treated like a commodity can only be detrimental.

The purpose of the ‘heart protector meridian’ the guardian of your horse’s beautiful heart is being challenged more than ever. The uncertainty in their lives of their future leaves them open to fear, anger and grief. This meridian is often being compromised on a daily basis weakening its protection of the actual physical heart. Its purpose is to keep you horse feeling secure with feelings of joy and happiness. It is a meridian in our own lives too that needs looking after, as we are often bombarded with images on the news of terrible tragedies. By following the next exercises you too can ‘un-block your heart protector meridian’ so you can allow the joy to seep back into your horses life.

The Heart Protector Meditation

(When we meditate, we all experience it in different ways, some of us get visions, some bright colours, some feelings and some nothing. The point is that there is no ‘right or wrong’ to meditating, so let go of worrying about if you are doing it right.)

Find somewhere comfortable to sit and close your eyes. Your horse does not need to be with you. Take 3 deep breaths, breathing down into your stomach and breathing out through your nose. Feel, imagine that your horse is with you. Spend some time connecting to their energy, how do you think they feel? How do they look? There is no rush as this is your special time with your horse. Keep breathing slowly and deeply and imagine the infinite compassion from your heart expanding out towards your horse, this compassion dissolves all anxieties that your horse may be feeling. Your heart energy wraps around your horse, just like the heart protector meridian. You offer your horse a sense of protection, just like a knight you can fight off all of your horse’s worries. Your protection is all consuming. Spend 5 minutes in this tranquil calm space, If anything comes up, make a mental note of it. Thank your horse for sharing this special space with you.



Element: FIRE


Causes low self-esteem, Jealousy, Restlessness, Short-term depression, Problems of ovaries and testes, Lameness


Releases feelings of inferiority, Dissolves Jealousy



The EFT point for the heart protector meridian is located on the middle finger (MF) make sure that you tap at the side of the base of this finger nail. Set up an opening statement which could be something that came up in the above meditation. Tap on your middle finger as you say the statement. Stop and see if anything comes to mind. If it does, then tap on this, if it does not, then go back to the original statement.

 EFT Points

It occurred to me that my articles need a way of being connected to the reader and their horse. In honesty it would be difficult to know which meridian was out of balance in your horse unless you had a way of testing. I was shown how to dowse when I took Nayana’s Animal Aromatherapy course and it opened up a whole new world of holistic adventure for me. It allowed me to connect with any animal around the world on an energetic level. When you learn how to dowse you can ask any question, that has a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. It is so easy to do and with time you can literally dowse for anything. How does it work? Good question as nobody really knows but it is a true fact that we are all connected via energy.


Using a pendulum, will allow you to not only choose the correct blocked meridian for your horse but it will allow you find out what is going on with your horse at a deeper level. Learning how to use a pendulum correctly will help both you and your horse to make the right choice. For example, it will help you to choose the correct blocked meridian, food, the correct vet and everything else in your horse’s life.

  • PendulumPurchase a pendulum that you feel drawn to.
  • Spend a few moments in a quiet relaxing state
  • Use a picture of your horse and spend a few minutes connecting to your horse’s energy. Ideally you can use a piece of your horse’s hair as this is called a witness and is an energetic part of your horse. This is important, so do not rush this as connecting at the deepest level will allow the pendulum to show you which meridian is blocked.
  • Hold the top of the chain in your dominant hand and ask the pendulum, show me ‘YES’ wait for a response, then your pendulum will swing in a certain way unique to you. This will always be your ‘YES’ answer from now on
  • Again hold the top of the chain and ask the pendulum show me ‘NO’ wait for a response. Again your pendulum will swing in another unique way, which will always be your ‘NO’ answer from now on
  • Meridian CycleIf you are getting no responses don’t worry as sometimes it takes a while to build up a relationship with your pendulum. I like to think of mine as a friend and always ask their permission as to if it is ok to work with them today. Sometimes mine literally checks out and refuses to work with me. They are like little people and can be very temperamental, well mine can be and often is but when it is happy and we work together magical things happen.
  • From the list of meridians in the diagram to the right. Point your non dominant hand at each meridian name and ask “Does (Name of your horse) have a blocked heart meridian at this exact moment in time?” with your dominant hand holding the pendulum, wait for a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. Write down any yes responses on a piece of paper.
  • If you notice I am writing my articles like a clock, starting at the heart and working my way around clock wise. This is by choice as I think you can start anywhere that you feel as the elements are always flowing and never remain static.
  • Once you know which meridian is blocked it is then that you can tap on that meridian using the EFT points as shown in the previous articles.


A huge thank you to Caroline Thomas for this incredible fifth part covering the Kidney Meridian in this wonderful series of articles we will be bringing you over the coming months exploring the 12 meridians in depth.

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Also thanks to her very talented son Michael for the beautiful artwork that compliments the article.

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