Exploring Meridians Series – Part 8 – Gall Bladder Meridian

Meridians Series by Caroline Thomas of Hoof and Paw Holistic Therapies.

Part 8 – The Gall Bladder Meridian


gall bladder meridian

This Meridian runs along the back of the horse under where the saddle is placed. It is a wood element Meridian, that when out of balance means the energy of your horse will be depleted making it more difficult for them to recover from any shock.

Wood animals are eager to be doing and don’t like to be held back. When you look at the evolution of the horse in terms of their relationship with humans, their most important purpose was to take people to where they wanted to go. They then became carriers of physical material and were pivotal in the development of the human race. For an animal such as a prey animal like a horse, having to have a human strapped to their back must have been a difficult thing to come to terms with. Their evolutionary path evolved them to run from predators as fast as their hooves could carry them and to protect their legs from all things as this was their most important asset to keep them safe from predators. Yet we harnessed their power and taught them to jump over exceedingly high fences. Can you imagine the fear they must have had to overcome putting their legs at risk? In-built in every animal on this earth is the instinct to survive. Adapting to human expectation must have taken great courage and acceptance from the horse.


The Gall Bladder Meridian

The Gall Bladder Meridian meanders across your horse’s back, just like a river meandering through the mountain side. It is responsible for decisiveness and daring qualities which are very much a ‘wood’ element trait. When this Meridian is deficient your horse will be timid and lack courage and find it difficult to make decisive choices. A horse with a strong Gall Bladder Meridian will have much courage and will be very determined to do what they can.

The position of the Meridian means that you must make sure that you get a saddle that is fitted correctly, this is of huge importance for the physical well-being of your horse. Anything that is ill fitted will cause your horse pain and discomfort, but the gall bladder meridian will be particularly impeded.

A deficient Gall Bladder Meridian will also affect the sleep pattern of your horse. Rubbing your hand along the Meridian from the head to the tail will strengthen this Meridian and it is also a very good bonding exercise to do with your horse. A strong relationship with your horse is so important, as it builds trust and confidence for both of you. If your horse lacks confidence spend some time caressing the Gall Bladder Meridian or use one of the exercised below.

The Trust Meditation

(The thing about meditation is that you don’t have to be with your horse as we are all connected.)

Take some time before you start to meditate to connect to the energy of your horse. Find a quiet space, whether it be in a field or at home in your living room. Close your eyes (if in a field make sure you are safe) Breath slowly and deeply.

Imagine you see your horse in a field and you stand still and wait for your horse to come over to you. It could take one minute or it could take 10 minutes, the point is to be patient. Keep breathing deeply letting each breaths out slowly.

Your horse stands in front of you and you look deeply into each other’s eyes.

Without saying anything your horse bends down and allows you to mount him. You have no saddle or bridle only the ‘trust’ of one another.

Your horse takes you for a ride, while the sun glistens on the dew left on the grass from the morning sunrise. You feel the wind in your hair and your back is warmed by the sunshine. Your horse is in control of your destination and takes you on a journey. Where is he taking you? Do you feel safe? Spend some time with your horse as you deepen your trust with one another. Your horse takes you back to where you started and allows you to dismount.

You thank him for the special time that you have spent together.

When you are ready with your feet firmly on the ground, open your eyes.

CTBladderMeridianImage2Tapping on the Gall Bladder Meridian

The EFT tapping point is located on the bone bordering the outside corner of the eye. Tap on this point if your horse has depleted energy and their judgment is impaired.

Whilst tapping on this point, state an emotional experience such as ‘The shock of the noisy car made you frightened, it made you jump, it made you feel anxious and that is okay’.

Keep going for several minutes.


A huge thank you to Caroline Thomas for this incredible eighth part covering the Gall Bladder Meridian in this wonderful series of articles we will be bringing you over the coming months exploring the 12 meridians in depth.

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Also thanks to her very talented son Michael for the beautiful artwork that compliments the article.

For more information on Caroline visit her website http://emotionalhealing4animals.co.uk or follow her on Facebook at Hoof and Paw.

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