Nature’s Pharmacy

Nature contains a wealth of medicinal plants and substances that make up a vast and varied pharmacy that can be readily utilised to maintain both the health of your horse and yourself.

The link pages provide an overview of the more common preparations that are readily utilised in healing. Including plants in their natural form – herbs, also the associated uses of plants in flower essence form, homeopathic form and also through essential oils. I also look at the use of crystals and lastly I have written about Reiki which is a modality that harnesses the natural energy that flows through and makes up all things.

There is then links within each page to further information both within this website and also to external resources I have found useful.

However a note of caution, just because a remedy is natural does not mean it is harmless, care should be taken to use any natural remedy in the right quantity and appropriate dilutions, just as you would any pharmaceutical drug. This is of particular importance in the use of essential oils and herbs but also in homeopathy.

For this reason I would highly recommend seeking the assistance of a trained professional to guide you and get you started. Perhaps consider a homeopathic vet or a trained and experienced complimentary therapist to work alongside your own vet. Find the right one and they will be worth their weight in gold for years to come. I have a few recommendations on my recommended pages to get you started but do your own research and due diligence to find someone who you can work alongside for many years to come.