Bach’s Rescue Remedy, a must for every first aid kit


Whilst helping a friend move her 3 horses from their livery yard to her new house this week, I was reminded how useful Bach’s Rescue Remedy is for both horses & people. One of the horses is only 3 & has spent the majority of its life living wild with minimal handling, she had not even had a head collar on for over 3 months, so we were all unsure how she would react to the handling & traveling. Added to this my friend was anxious about the move, it would be the first time she’s had the horses at home & 2 of them had hardly travelled before. With all of us & all the horses dosed up with rescue remedy, everybody was more relaxed & everything went incredibly smoothly, all the horses loaded perfectly & travelled well, settling into their new homes with no obvious signs of stress.
I’ve used Rescue Remedy in numerous situations over the years for both myself & various horses, the first time I saw it used with horses was on the occasion that I had had a horrendous fall jumping with a young horse (Molly), we had misjudged the take off & the impact with the fence somersaulted both of us. Fortunately there were no serious injuries but Molly went into shock immediately, my trainer immediately gave her rescue remedy directly onto her tongue & it was amazing to watch her recover so quickly from the upset & trauma.
Rescue Remedy is excellent in times of crisis & trauma, it can be taken anytime, anywhere, it is totally natural & contains 5 of the 38 Bach Flower Essences:
Rock Rose for terror & panic
Impatiens for irritation & impatience
Clematis for inattentiveness
Star of Bethlehem for shock
Cherry Plum for Irrational thoughts.
There is now a special formula designed specifically for Pets which contains the above 5 essences but using an alcohol free formula. Although most forms of rescue remedy are safe for animals with the exception of the pastels that are unsuitable for use with animals or pets.
It can be used for an immediate calming effect for any stressful situations & is suitable for all pets including horses, dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, reptiles & fish.
I think it is an essential for every first aid kit & is useful to have a bottle with you wherever you or your horses go.
Until next time
With Love
Fiona & Jasper



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