Caroline Thomas

Caroline ThomasWe are excited to have the incredible Caroline Thomas join us as a featured contributor to Your Natural Horse. She has been a long time friend, teacher and mentor to me on my animal journey, so I am happy to be able to share her and her expertise with you too.

Caroline has her own website and animal healing business Hoof and Paw, you can also follow her on Facebook. She offers a range of bespoke healing services but is also a highly trained and inspirational teacher. She has a range of home study courses as well as running training events, check out her website for more details.

Caroline is a Registered Bach Flower Practitioner and also a qualified Animal Bach Flower Practitioner and has trained with the Natural Animal Centre in Wales. They believe in learning from how, an animal copes in their natural environment against living in the modern world. With the stress and strain that that the human world puts on our animals,it makes sense that this can be a source of  some of their behavioural problems.  This is the only accredited Centre in the world, recognised by the Bach Flower Centre. The  Bach Centre follows the true teaching of Dr Bach. Caroline has learnt how Dr Bach truly intended the Bach system to be used. She is listed on their international register for both human and animal practitioners.

Caroline is also a Japanese Animal/Human Reiki Master. she wanted to understand the true essence of using Reiki with animals, so she felt it important to learn from someone who had a very deep understanding of how Animal Reiki. Therefore she studied Animal Reiki under the guidance of the amazing Kathleen Prasad. Kathleen is light years ahead of understanding how reiki at it’s most simplistic form has the most powerful effect and how it is the animals who are our teachers.
Caroline teach’s ‘SARA’ Animal Reiki level 1 and 2 at Remus Horse Sanctuary, she encourages her students to take Animal Reiki level 3 with Kathleen.
 She is  a founding member and Teacher of the ‘ Shelter Animal Reiki Association’. SARA promotes the ethical use of Reiki in Rescue Centres. She has  been taught Japanese Reiki to Master level, by the wonderful  Frans Stiene  founder of the international House of Reiki.
She is a fully qualified  Animal PsychAromatica practitioner (Animal Aromatherapy) and has studied with the brilliant Nayana Morag.  Nayana understands animals on every level.
Caroline’s fascination with Meridian Therapies has lead her to learn EFT, where she specialises in animals.