Just as our ancestors once understood, it is my hope that once again we may be guided by our horses, not just in what is good for them, but that also they may help us to understand what is good for us.

I know that it can be a lonely, daunting path if you are just starting out on your journey towards taking a more natural approach to your horses care & training and moving away from the more “traditional” accepted methods.

With over 25 years experience in the equine industry I’ve experienced the good, the bad & the down right ugly methods that are out there. 11 years ago I qualified as an Equine sports massage therapist with Equinenergy and began to explore the exciting world of complimentary therapies. I have gone on to train as an Animal Reiki Master and Advanced Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner with further training in Kinesiology, Equine nutrition, Crystal healing and Aromatherapy.

There is no shortage of information, some good & some not. I want to save you time by providing only the quality information on holistic approaches, all under one roof, so that you will have more time to spend with your horses.

In my eyes Brian Reid summed up perfectly the way we should interact with our horses:

“Love them with all your heart, respect them for who they are
& play with them to discover who you are!”

I would like to emphasize that the use of natural remedies should be considered complimentary & it is not meant to be a replacement for veterinary medicine. There is no substitute for qualified veterinary consultation & guidance in treating your horses & I advise you to seek your veterinarian’s assistance & advice for your horses whenever it is necessary.