What’s your view?

Found this quite controversial video on facebook, which some of my friends were sharing, we had quite an interesting discussion about it.

I felt that the message of the research in the video was really important but that it had been used in a very negative way. It should rather be used in a positive way that improves our understanding and allows us to make informed decisions, striving to be better for our horses sake.

The blanket ban of equestrian sports the makers are suggesting will sadly over shadow the important messages in this video & will create many enemies in the equine industry and few allies & sadly the horses will be the ones we have failed as a result. There are some cruel/bad riders out there but equally there are many kind, considerate, educated riders who are compassionate to their horses needs. All riders should see videos like this so that they can see the damage that can be done with the use of increasingly harsh tack & equipment, to enable them to make informed, educated decisions.

However with more consideration for the horse it is possible to build a true partnership of equality. I have spent the last 9 months doing just this, working with one of my horses from the ground, spending countless hours building that partnership. It has been the most incredible journey & because I was listening, my horse has taught me so much which relates to many aspects of life not just those restricted to the stable yard. When my horse was ready to be ridden he made it perfectly clear & I rode him for the first time with the guidance of a fabulous australian natural horsemanship trainer, in a rope halter.

Would be interesting to see what you guys make of this.

With Love

Fiona & Jasper

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