Barefoot Debate rages over use of wraps

Thought this might be of interest to anybody out their like myself who has chosen to keep their horses au natural (due to the numerous benefits).
A movement to stop the unfair prosecution of people who care for barefoot horses by the Farrier’s Registration Council has been started by a group of enthusiasts.
They believe the FRC’s (Farrier’s Registration Counsel) recent action against equine podiatrists undermines UK horse owners’ right to choose the hoof care & provider that’s best for their horses. They are calling all horse owners to stand up & fight it now before it is too late.
This is an exert from their website:
“This year, the Farrier’s Registration Council, the body responsible for safeguarding the interests of all farriers practicing in the UK, brought a criminal prosecution case against an Equine Podiatrist, (a highly qualified practitioner of Barefoot hoof care) for the use of Flexible Hoof Wraps. The FRC is arguing that the application of these wraps, which are designed as a temporary tool to help horses who have just come out of shoes through the rehabilitation process, by someone who is not a registered farrier, is enough to put them on a charge of illegal shoeing.

This is an obvious case of the big boys using their money and influence to try and squash a movement that is still in its fledgling years. The Podiatrist, lacking the funds to engage in such a case, pleaded guilty, and was fined almost the maximum level of fine. This opens the door for the prosecution of any person who puts wraps on a horses feet, or any horse owner who has it done.”

Have a look at their facebook group for more information & to share your views.


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