Dr Kerry Ridgeway: Shoulder relief and freedom

I was recently lucky enough to spend time learning with this incredible vet. Below is a video link to one of his most important acupressure points which you can easily learn and implement into your horses daily routine.
Shoulder relief, freedom of movement and straightness..Learn the acupressure point in the video clip below and help your horse!

Dr. Ridgway’s lung 1 + is a really important acupuncture/acupressure wellness point which releases and resolves pain in the shoulder and barrel. It is a very good point to stimulate and incorporate in any horse’s training routine as it promotes muscle comfort and shoulder freedom before even getting in the saddle– thus helping the rider develop the horse’s straightness without stress.

This educational video clip demonstrates how to find the point in detail:


You can find out more about Dr Ridgeway and what he does by visiting his website:


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