Crystal therapy allows the therapist to use crystals to help balance the body’s energy fields & address both physical & emotional problems associated with these imbalances. It has been used through many cultures since ancient times to balance, heal & harmonize the body. It is a true holistic, non-invasive therapy that works incredibly well in association with  other modalities such as Reiki.


Crystals have been valued in all cultures throughout history, not only for their beauty in jewellery, art & architecture but also feature heavily in highly evolved healing systems such as Ayurvedic, Buddhist & Tantric. They are utilised both on the physical plane but also at a deeper level of “spiritual alchemy” for the soul.
Some of the earliest written recordings of crystal healing date from 1600BC and the Ebers Papyrus, which lists some medicinal uses for crystals: for diseases of the eye & cataracts it recommends Lapis Lazuli and Sapphire, liver problems require Ruby and Emerald will help with dysentery.
Crystals occur naturally in the earth. They are known to have a charge and emit their own energy vibration. Nothing can equal the absolute regularity and reliability of the electrical pulse they produce. Crystals act as perfect, flawless energy transformers, amplifiers and transmitters hence their vast & varied technological uses in todays modern world, watches and computer chips being just 2 examples of their application.
There is a profound resonant relationship between crystals and all life forms. Most solid matter, including human and animal bodies are crystalline in their structure. Crystals are inseparable from what we are.

Every molecule in the body (human or animal) vibrates at its own electromagnetic bioenergetic frequency, so we like crystals are electrically charged beings. Putting it very simplistically crystals emit a healing energy that resonates with humans, animals & plants to produce healing & protective qualities.

Caring for your crystals:

It doesn’t need to be expensive to build up a collection of crystals to use for “medicinal” purposes. You do not need to spend vast sums of money buying large specimens, the small tumbled, polished stones are usually more then adequate. Although you must be slightly cautious when using very small stones that it is not possible for the animal to swallow them (supervision is an easy solution). Your crystals will last you a lifetime, they just require a little care.
It is very importance to cleanse your crystals before you work with them. There are many ways to do this but it can be done simply by holding under running water, although sea water is the best, for many of us it is not always available. After cleansing the crystals need charging. This can also be done by simply leaving them in the sun or moon light for a couple of hours. Now the crystals are ready to go.

Using crystals:

There are many ways in which you can use crystals for healing, the simplest is just placing in the immediate surrounding for yourself or your animals can be a good way to start experimenting. Placing in the corners of your horse’s field or stable is one way, or I have known some people to make a little pouch for the crystals & secured this to rugs or tack. Alternatively for a little more money there are people who make crystal charms that can be attached to collars for dogs & cats or tack for horses.

You can choose to lay out crystal grids both with the animal present or it can be done using a photograph of the animal, this is perhaps easier when you have a larger animal such as a horse. There are many different grids that can be done or just experiment & see what “feels” right.

Crystal massage can also be performed. This is a slightly misleading name as it doesn’t actually involve massage in the traditional sense & in fact you don’t even need to touch the animal. It is a way of utilising a crystal “wand” to help remove stagnant energies & allow the crystals energy to be channelled to the animal more readily. It can be useful for general relaxation as well as help speed up healing and be generally energising.


Crystals can also be utilised in a liquid form by preparing a crystal essence or elixir. You can make these yourself or you can buy pre-made essences. They are used  and produced in a very similar way to flower essences. They have several advantages, not least they are convenient as you are able to add to food/water on a daily basis or even apply topical directly to the animal or added to other creams or ointments you may be using. You can also combine several essences to make a combination. So it can be a quick & simple way to utilise crystal healing properties.


To get the most from utilising crystals like so many things you need to spend a little time focusing on yourself to prepare. The aim is too quiet some of the hustle & bustle that pervades our everyday lives so that you can “tune” into both your intuition and the crystals. It doesn’t need to go as far as meditation, but just take a few minutes to sit quietly, relax, concentrate on your breathing or listen to some relaxing music, feel the ground beneath your feet and the energy in your own body. This is a useful habit to get into on a daily basis & will benefit you & your animals in so many ways if you are regularly able to quiet the noise & distractions of modern life & just listen to yourself, your animals and nature.


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