Jasper’s now all mine

My Jasper...AKA "His Lordship"

My Jasper...AKA "His Lordship"

Just a very short blog today, but Jasper & I have some great news that we just had to share with you all…

On the first of February Mig’s & Ian were kind enough to let me have Jasper, so now my gorgeous boy & good friend is all mine & also the first horse that I have ever owned, despite the fact I have looked after 100’s of horses i have never been able to call one mine until now. So it was a big celebration all round, champagne for me & Guinness with extra parsnips in Jasper’s dinner.

We are now looking forward to many more happy years together. His first present i’m going to organise will be a Shiatsu massage which should compliment the essential oils therapy & help us get rid of the sarcoids. I’ll let you know how he enjoys his massage.

With Love

Fiona & Jasper

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