Jasper’s Excellent Kinesiology results


I received the results from Carole at Healthy beast yesterday for Jasper’s latest kinesiology test on his mane sample.
This test enables them to locate any imbalances in Jasper’s system & therefore recommend oils that will help to strengthen these areas, whilst also helping improve the sarcoids. It is a holistic approach which involves treating the whole being not just focusing on a specific ailment.
The results are fantastic & very encouraging, he was only weak through 4 meridians: Liver, Bladder, Small intestines & skin. These are all areas we are working on through his Shiatsu too. But it really is such an improvement from his last test in December.
In December he was weak through 8 meridians, the above 4 but also stomach, kidney, adrenals & gall bladder. It is not actually the organs themselves that are weak but rather the energy lines (meridians) that run over these organs.
So it seems everything we are doing is helping to get Jasper’s system more balanced. We have lavender, carrot seed, bergamot & frankincense oils to try for him to inhale & lick if he wants & we will also continue to apply the wet clay infused with oils topically to his sarcoids.
Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) is an oil I haven’t used early december with Jasper, it is used to support intestinal problems, commonly those associated with fear or anxiety, such as diarrhoea. It helps the animal to calm & centre itself, making it useful when an animal is genuinely frightened (not just acting highly strung).
Hopefully Jasper will continue to improve, I’m off to take the fresh oils down to him to see if he selects any.
Until next time
With Love
Fiona & Jasper.



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