New oils: French Basil & St John’s Wort

Gosh I can’t believe that it is almost the end of January already, still on the bright side that means we’re closer to summer & the chance of a bit less mud and longer days to spend with my horses.
Over the past 10 days I’ve been offering Jasper some essential oils again, so I thought I’d share a bit more information about the 2 oils he was most interested in.
Basil, French (Ocimum basilicum)
Also known as sweet basil, I selected this to try with Jasper as I had read that in laboratory tests it has shown promise as a protector against chemically induced cancer, as it appears to increase GST (an enzyme known to be protective against cancer) activity.
It is also a useful stimulant to both mind and body, being particularly good in muscle rubs as it encourages increased blood flow & circulation, helping to minimise toxic build up that develops in cells through exercise.
It is amphoteric, which means it will either stimulate or sedate the nervous system depending on what the organism feels is required at the time.
However caution should be taken with this oil as it could stimulate contractions in pregnant mares so is best to avoid in these situations.
St John’s Wort (hypericum perforatum) macerated oil:
This macerated oil is particularly popular with horses, it should be a beautiful deep red colour & is traditionally made using olive oil.
You may recognise St John’s Wort as a herb that is particularly common in treating depression in people & also acting as a sedative. However St John’s wort should Not be given in its herbal form to horses as it is toxic to them.
The macerated oil has antiseptic, healing & pain relieving properties, which make it useful where there are disorders of the blood particularly viral, it is also helpful in supporting liver function.
Caroline Ingraham in her book “animal aromatics workbook” describes it as “a valuable choice for horses with sarcoids” which is where my interest stems. Another use for it is in soothing nerve pain.
Again I mention please be cautious & don’t use the human herb version with your horses, only its macerated oil form.

Well that’s all from us this week, I’m off to go & give Jasper his herbs & Olli & I have some Natural horsemanship to practice.

Until next week

With Love

Fiona, Jasper & Olli

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