Crystal Healing

I had a really interesting weekend, I attended Caroline Thomas’ Animal Crystal Healing training.

This was something almost completely new for me, but I was really facinated by the whole experience & amazed at the potential.

Crystals are obviously naturally occuring in the earth and they are believed to have a charge & emit their own energy vibration. Putting it very simplistically they emit a healing energy that resonates with humans, animals & plants to produce healing & protective qualities.

Crystal therapy allows the therapist to use crystals to help balance the body’s energy fields & address both physical & emotional problems associated with these imbalances. It has been used through many cultures since ancient times to balance, heal & harmonize the body. It is a true holistic, non-invasive therapy that works incredibly well in association with Reiki.

On the day we learnt the importance of cleansing the crystals before you work with them, this can be done simply by holding under running water (sea water is the best but not always available). After cleansing the crystals need charging, this can also be done by simply leaving them in the sun or moon light for a couple of hours. Now the crystals are ready to go.

We also had to prepare ourselves to work with the crystals & be receptive to their energy & allow our intuition to be activated, removing yourself from everyday stress & strain first. It doesn’t have to go as far as meditation, but just sitting somewhere quite with some relaxing music & concentrating on your breathing is a good place to start.

One of my favourite parts was working with a pendulum. This is a smallish crystal on a chain, you hold the end of the chain between you thumb & index finger & then you ask it to show you YES, & then Show you NO. For me YES is the crystal spinning clockwise & No is spinning anti-clockwise. This was the first time I had used a pendulum & Caroline was quite impressed with how much my pendulum moved (it was swinging gayly in a big circle) but it can be quite a small movement & it might not even be round in a circle, its different for everyone, just as long as you see a difference between yes & no thats what matters.

Now you can ask your pendulum anything, aslong as it has a yes/no answer, whether its is this Chakra in balance, will this crystal help, or are my lost keys in the house? Its up to you.

We learnt how to make crystal essences, which can be used in a similar manner to Bach flower essences. How to make a crystal grid & do crystal healing at a distance using a photograph of an animal & then how to do crystal massage on the animal itself.

I felt very inspired to try these techniques out & I used a photograph to do some healing at home on Jasper on Monday, all his Chakras were out of balance & his heart & solar plexus needed the crystals in place for the longest (over 2 hours) I kept going back to check with the pendulum. But then Monday night he lost a piece of sarcoid from his front leg… Coincidence or proof, you decide…But I’ll certainly be using crystals again!!

Until next time

With Love

Fiona & Jasper

P.S If you want more information on Caroline Thomas visit her website:

Emotional Healing 4 Animals


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